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Home Page

When you first log in to myStage, all users are presented with the home page.


This screen shows the current date by default, and all sections and competitors for that date. The information shown is filtered by the All Events and All Locations you see in the menu bar up the top.

When running events, users would choose the event and location so that only the information they need for the day is shown.

If the user is an administrator, a gear icon will be shown in the menu bar, and a link to Admin will be shown in the user profile dropdown.

Admin Menu

Administration Home

As an administrator, a user has access to a number of different configuration options for running a competition.


Area Summary
Reports Generate a number of reports an export information from myStage
Codesets Configuration of a number of items, lists for dropdowns etc
Finance Invoices, Refunds and Disbursement information
Configuration Some global configuration options for your organisation
Security Configuration of registration data and entry status permissions
Import System for importing a number of different file formats
Users User management, both administrators and volunteers
Event Each competition is setup as an event, with start/end dates and other information
Registration data Information to be collected from competitors; per event or entry
Organisation Information for your current organisation. Some users can manage multiple organisations
Clubs/Schools List of approved clubs and schools for your competition
Coaches/Teachers List of approved coaches or teachers for your competition


The codeset area of myStage allows you to setup a number of different items, for competition management or user profile information


Codeset Summary
Title Name titles/prefixes (Mr, Mrs etc.)
Event Same as events above.
Location List of venues your events are running at
Entry Extras Extras that can be added during entry. DVDs, Smoke, Programs, Merchandise etc
Score Guides Scoring breakdown if recording critiques within myStage
Ages Age ranges for entries. eg. 16 Years, Under 10
Age Groups Grouped ages: Junior, Senior etc.
Divisions Performance Divisions
Items Performance Items
Performance Types Performance Types: Solo, Duo, Trio, Group, Band etc.
Time Limits Time ranges for performances. For both rule management and time keeping/scheduling
Aggregates Configuration for which sections should be included in aggregates
Lighting Sheets System lighting sheet field configuration
Splits Section split options. (Used to restrict from aggregates)
Roles System roles for
Colours For colour coding sections. (Useful for sticker/paperwork management)
Terms and Conditions Setup of terms and conditions required to enter competitions



The finance area of the administrator panel shows invoices, refunds and disbursement payments.

The plan area also shows the storage your competitors have used while uploading registration data, such as music or DLP files.



The configuration area has a number of configuration options to customise some areas of the system. These are global settings. More settings are available on events.



Each competition you run is setup as an event. This has a start/end date, and also has a number of options required for the entry process.

Registration Data


Registration data is used in the system to add a way to customise questions that competitors are asked during registration/pre-registration, and only show questions relevant to that section.


The organisation page holds your organisation details, as well as banking details so we can disburse entry money to you.


Events can be restricted to approved clubs or schools. Set your approved list up here.

Coaches / Teachers

Events can be restricted to approved coaches or teachers. Set your approved list up here.