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How to setup for entries


We are going to use sample data for Ballaarat Solo Comp organisation to demonstrate this setup. Please note this data is only used for demonstration purposes and each organisation would need to use their own information to do the setup, but they are exactly the same steps. A similar setup would need to be completed on myStage main site once you are confident with this process.

Update your organization information

Login into with your administration username and password

Navigate to mystage administratin screens by clicking on the gear icon as shown below.


Select organisation under the admin menu, click under options and choose Edit. Provide the required details, then press save.


An organisation code is usually recorded when an organisation is created in myStage, but follow this process if it is not already setup or is incorrect.


Ensure your address and most importantly your bank details is correct and up-to-date

Save Changes when done with the organisation information edit.

Set-up Relevant Location Information

From Codesets screen in the Administration panel, click on Location

Click ‘New’ link to create a new location or Edit to update existing one


On the new location screen, provide a code (short form of the a name) and the name of the venue/location for example


Set-up or Update Entry Extras and the relevant Costs

From the admin panel -> Codesets -> Click on Entry Extras tab

You can update the existing ones by clicking - Options -> Edit or

Create a new entry extra by clicking on the 'New' button, then provide the name and the description of the entry extra eg DLP, Photography etc.

Question Type

Choose the relevant question type. There are only two (Section/Item or Invoice/Order). If the entry extras need to be purchased under every item, then choose Section/Item otherwise choose Invoice/Order).

entry extras-1

Once you have created your event entry extra/s, you need to map each to the relevant (Item, Age, division or performance type), Save changes when done.

To Map it, select options alongside the entry extra, click on Edit Mapping ->'Add Codeset Mapping Group)

Different Entry fees for different Items

You can have different entry prices for different items/sections.

In myStage, a general entry price per section is set in the Event (Admin -> Codetsets -> Event -> Options -> Edit)

entry price

You can also set an entry price in different items or sections (Admin -> Codesets -> Items -> Option -> Edit)

If an entry price is set in the item, this price takes precedence over the entry price setup from the Event.

Price per item

You can set different prices for items by editing each item in codesets.

entry price

Alongside the item that the price need to be updated, click on Options, then select ‘Edit’.

Set the price under the ‘Entry Fee’ section and Save Changes entry price

Price for performance types

Another place where an entry price can be set is on the performance type tab of myStage.

View the performance types codeset you wish to set custom prices on entry price

In the performance types, you can set entry pricing based on the key categories, such Solos, Duos items or Teams.

So this means every section with that performance type, Solo for example, the price setup here applies to all of them. From the performance screen, for teams or duos, you can set an entry price per a competitor.

entry price entry price

Setup Ages

Click on Ages menu under the Codesets menu.

Click New to add a new Age or Edit to modify an existing one, ensure to Save changes

If an age entry is no longer required, press delete to remove from the list

Ages Codeset

Setup Age Groups

Click on Age Groups menu under Codesets menu.

Click New to add a new age group or Edit to modify the existing one, ensure to click on Save Changes

If an age group entry is no longer required, press delete to remove from the list

Age Group Codeset

Create or Edit a Division

Click on Divisions menu as per the screenshot below.

To add a new Division, click ‘New’ or click ‘Edit’ under ‘options’ to update an existing one

Ensure to click Save changes to complete the addition or an update of an entry

Divisions Codeset

Add Division Codeset

Create or update items list

Click on Items menu as per the screenshot below.

To add a new Item, click ‘New’ or click ‘Edit’ under ‘options’ to update an existing one

Take note to set an Item Price here, if set, this price will be used instead of that recorded on the Event

Ensure to click Save changes to complete the addition or an update

Codeset Items

Add Item

Map the items to Age and Division

Once the Set-up has been done (Steps 1-6), it is time to map or associate each item to appropriate Age groups and Divisions

Click on Items menu as per the screenshot below.

Under ‘options’, along the items you want to do the mapping, click on the options then click on Edit Mapping

A pop up window will appear, which looks like the screenshot below, in the search enter asterisk (*) to list everything under that category, tick relevant mapping and then press Save changes to complete the mapping

Edit Item Mapping

Item Mapping Screen

Create the Event

It’s now time to create the Competition or the Event once the mapping of items to Ages and Divisions have been completed. To do this, follow these steps;

Click on Event menu under Codesets menu.

Click ‘New’ to create a new Event or a Competition.

If you would like to Edit an existing Event, click under options and press Edit.

Provide the required information, including the name of the Event or the Competition, what is the date range the Competition will be on as well as open and close entries dates.

If you have Terms and Conditions that are unique to your Competition, you may add them here ( upload them) otherwise, CVI Terms and Conditions will be used.

For the Event or the Competition to be visible, ensure that the ‘Public Visible’ checkbox is ticked.

Click Save changes to create the new Event.

Event List

Edit Event


Please ensure to provide the following information:

  • A date from and To for when the Competition is scheduled to take place (any date within 90 days from today). For example:
    • (Date From - when the Competition starts, example 01/01/2018
    • (Date To – when the Competition ends, example 31/01/2018
  • Entries open and close dates, for example:
    • Date Entries Open: 01/12/2017
    • Date Entries Close: 31/12/2017
  • Entry fee for this Competition – Enter a number for example 25, 27, 30 etc. Note that the Entry fee could also be recorded on each Item and performance type.

Map the Items and Locations to the Event

Once the Event has been created or updated as desired, Items and the locations need to be mapped to the Competition or the Event

Choose the Event you want to map the Items to

Click on Options and select Edit mapping from the drop down list

Select the location the Event is to take place

Select the Items that need to be mapped to this associate with this Event

Press Save Changes when done to complete this step.

Event Mapping

Create Sections for the competition

If all steps have been completed correctly, we should now be able to create sections for the completion.

Click on ‘Create Sections’ in line with the Event of our interest

You should now see a list of Sections for the Competition

Press Save to continue

Sections Create Menu Item

Sections Create

Your open entries link will be in the format

For CVI for example, it will have a link like this

From the Administration panel, Codesets, click on Events tab, you should now see our competition dates (from and to) Event List

Clicking this CVI Competition link, we should be able to view this screen.

The Competition is now open for entries for the “ÇVI Solo Competition – Testing’’ and available for a competitor to enter through ‘Enter Now’ View Organisation

Terms and Conditions

Some Terms and Conditions are shared and thus are visible for all Events. But if you have some terms and conditions that are unique to your competition that are not already covered by CVI terms and conditions, myStage allows you to upload yours to be appended to CVI document. Follow these steps to upload Terms and Conditions for your competition.

From Administration panel, click on Codesets

Click on Terms and Conditions

If there is nothing there, click on ‘New’ link to upload your Terms and Conditions

Click on ‘Browse’ and select a file from your computer with the right Terms and Conditions to upload

Click ‘Save Changes’ to complete this process Terms Conditions Terms Conditions Edit