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Displays allow you to show information on screens around a venue. For example:

  • Current competitor number on stage
  • Progress of sections at the venue.


Setting up the client

Before you setup the screen as an administrator, you need to get it working on the machine you are running it on.

To do this you need a computer with internet access connected to the display. On the display go to

This will show you a screen with a unique code which you will need later.

Screen not configured

Going fullscreen

In most browsers you can go fullscreen by pressing the F11 key

Configuring the display

Once you have the code from the step above, you can setup the display under Administration / Codesets

Click New to add the new display, and enter the code.

New Display setup

Once you do this if the screen is not authorised it will show up on the client with the message Not Authorised

Display not authorised

Ticking authorised in the admin panel will change this to then show your organisation logo. The name you give the display is shown up the top.

Display authorise

Competitor Number display

The competitor number display is for use anywhere you want to show the current competitor number on stage. It could be used side stage, in dressing rooms, or in the auditorium.

To setup the display as a Competitor Number display, choose that in the configuration.

Competitor number display admin


If you don't choose a location, you might get the wrong number shown.

Once saved, the display will either show the most recent Competing competitor number for the location and event, or the org logo.

Display : competitor number


If no competitor has been marked as "Competing" in the last 10 minutes, the organisation logo will be shown instead

Display: no competitor

Venue progress display

The venue progress display shows all sections for the venue and their progress. This is the same as what volunteers and administrators see on the home page on competition days.

Display admin venue progress

Once setup, the screen will show the progress for the venue and event for the current day.

Display venue progress