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Entering Competitions

Once you are logged into myStage, you can enter into any open competitions as long as you are eligible to enter them, example, you can only enter into items appropriate to your age group. Please ensure to read each competition’s rules prior to entry, you can see these at the check-out.


Some organisations may require that you have an approved club and coach on each competitor profile that are you going to enter into. Some clubs have class times defined for them, if so, please select the appropriate class time for each one of your competitor. If you are unsure of any of this, best to contact the organisation running the event or contact myStage for help.

Entering into a competition

To enter into a competition, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Login or Sign-up to myStage.

If you have never used myStage before or don't have an account, you would need to sign-up. To do this, go to myStage website at then click 'Sign-up'. Refer to 'Creating an account' section within this website for guidance.

2. Enter through your profile

a)As soon as you have signed-up and can login into myStage, do the following:

Step 1: Update your myStage profile

Click on Edit Details and ensure your contact details as a parent/coach is current and up-to date.

Note: If you don't complete yourself and you asked to select a club or coach, just select 'No Club' and 'No Coach' options respectively, click on 'Saves Changes' You also have an option to customize your profile image if you would like, upload a new image.


Step 2: Create your competitor/s

  • Click on Competitors on the left hand side menu
  • Then Click 'NEW INDIVIDUAL' (For Individual or Duo Performers) OR 'NEW TEAM' for Team performers
  • Provide relevant details as requested. create-competitor
  • For Individual Competitor, click on "New Individual" as shown in this screenshot below. individual-comp

  • For Team competition, click on "New Team" team-comp

  • Name it something meaningful e.g. "Club Name Juniors", enter club & Coach, then saves changes


Ensure to enter membership and registration information for each one of your individual competitors. membership

Step 3: Enter into Competition/s

From your profile (Click home at the top left of the page if unsure) click on the green ‘Enter Competitions link. enteries

Step 4: Select your competitor/s

Choose the competitor/s you want into a competition/s then press next enteries

Step 5: Select the competition/s you want to enter, then press next


Step 6: Choose items for each competitor and add them to the CART once done, click Next to go to Cart


Step 7: Review Competitors items in the shopping Cart

Check that each competitor's items are correctly select, add any extras such as DVD, Photos etc ‘UPDATE TOTAL’ or click Next. If you have any errors,have this fixed up. But if you continue to encounter issues, contact myStage for help, click on the help '?' icon for contact information.

Step 8: Payment process & Options

a) Once you are happy with the items in the Cart for each one of your competitors, click Check-Out to go to the next step enteries You can add or remove a competitor from this screen. enteries

c) At the Order confirmation screen, enter your billing and shipping address but if they are the same, simply check ‘use billing address’ checkbox. Confirm your order is correct, tick to agree to the competitions rules and regulations then click ‘Payment’ enteries

d) Once you have confirmed to proceed to payment screen, you should see an invoice with summary of your purchases as below. enteries

e) Click on Paypal Check Out button to pay using Paypal or Credit card. f) A receipt will be emailed to you and records will be updated from myStage to show status of your invoices.

Step 9: Invoices and Receipts

Your receipts will be emailed to the email address you have registered with. If you have any outstanding invoices, these will be highlighted as below on your myStage profile page. To view all of your other invoices, click on ‘Invoices’ located in your profile on the left hand side menu. a) Unpaid Invoices enteries

b) Receipt sample - Emailed enteries

c) View of your invoices from myStage – profile page enteries

d) Viewing Entries To view your entries, simply click on Entries from the left hand side menu as shown the below diagram. enteries

Getting Ready for Competitions – Pre-registrations

Before the day of the competition, you may like to pre-register, meaning provide some information required by the competition such as title of the piece you are going to perform or anything else that would need to be collected at registration but you can provide earlier to save time. This would make registration on the day faster. To pre-register, click on Entries then click on the ‘Pre-register’ link to see what information is required.

Step 10: Help and Support.

If you need any assistance at any time, you can click on the (?) icon shown in the top right hand corner for details to contact myStage support. You are also encouraged to provide feedback to help the myStage team improve the product so it is efficient and effective for both competitors and convenors a like.