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Pre-registration setup

What is Pre-registration?

Pre-registration is the data you want to competitors to provide prior to the day of registration; information such as blackout, disability form, lighting sheets, title of a perforance, whether the competitor would need a dressing room at the venue and so forth. Having information before hand will save a lot of time at the day of registration time and you would feel very organised!

How to setup Pre-registration for your Event

To setup pre-registration for your event:

i. login to myStage, then go the administration screen.

ii. Click on Registration data pre-rego

iii. Create and edit registration data To create a new registration data, click on 'New' button on the top right of the Registration data screen as shown in this screenshot pre-rego

Say you want to upload lighting sheets for your competition so that coaches or competitor can complete and re-upload back up to myStage so it is available for your to download. Follow step iii above,select file upload option and browse to where the file may be, a PDF document is fine. Upload this and save changes.


iv. Map the registration data to your Event and/or item, age group, division or location. Then save changes.



v. Number of days when pre-registration can be activated Now that you have setup pre-registration data, it is time to set on the Event when you want the data to be active so your competitors may be able to see it and take action.

  • Go to the Event icon and under options, click Edit pre-rego

  • Scroll to the middle of the pop-up screen and you should be able to see 'Pre-registration section. Enter the number of days away from the competition date that you want the re-registration data to be available to the competitors/coaches/parents that have entered to your event. For example, you can put 100, meaning 100 days before the competition date, you want the coaches/parents/competitors to provide the information you have asked of them