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On the day

On the day everything starts from the home page. No matter which role you are performing for the event, the home page is where you find all the information.

Home Page

On the home page there is a second tab which shows the list of competitors performing and whether they have registered. This is a good place for registration to search for the competitors using the search box and register them all at once.

Competitor page

Viewing Progress

On the myStage home page, when the competition is on, there is a progress bar against each section that is scheduled on for that day.

The bar shows the progress of the competitors as they complete their performance (awaiting results).

For example in the screenshots below, of the myStage home page, it shows the time when each section is scheduled on, the name of the section and the progress of the performance. In the progress bar figure 3 below, it shows that there are a total of 9 competitors in this section (not including competitors with status withdrawn or unpaid) and none of them has completed performing.

Day Progress

The Stage manager has the job of updating statuses and the progress bar will reflect this.

Once all the competitors have completed performing, the section is marked as ‘Completed’ as can be seen the progress bar example below.

Progress Complete

View a Section

When you click on a section you are shown all the details for the section, as well as each of the entries.


From here you can see the status of each entry in the section, as well as updating details.


Registration of a competitor can be done in two ways, via a section or through selecting a competitor and registering them for all the sections they are have signed up for. But for this illustrations, we will use registration by section.

On the day, as you login, the system will display the sections for that day.

Click on one of those sections, you should see competitor number, names of competitors, age, club, coach, extra, status (registration status) and option list.



The titles on the section view can be configured based on the role of a user. For example, if there is a requirement for an adjudicator to not see competitor names, then names can be removed from adjudicators view and so forth. If you are missing a column speak to your competition admin.

Registering a competitor

Pre-registration can be used if there is information required to be collected before the day of the competition for example, lighting sheets, music etc.

Once a competitor arrives at the registration desk, the registration person clicks on the ‘Register’ button and the status will change from Entered to Registered . This will be repeated for each competitor. As the status is changed, everyone who is logged onto myStage is instantly informed and can follow progress of the Section and the competition. If there is information to confirm, this will be shown before the registration is complete.

Registered Users


Can't see the next status button? This is setup on your role. e.g. Registration can't make a competitor Stage Ready Speak to your competition admin if you think you are missing a status button.

Stage Management

As a stage manager you will be keeping track of each competitor and updating their performance status, by doing this all others who are logged on to myStage can follow the progress of the competition.

To change status as a stage manager:

When a competitor is at the side stage, ready to perform choose ‘Stage Ready’ to communicate that the competitor is ready to perform or go on stage.

Stage Manager Ready

When a competitor is on the stage performing, press the next status in the system to indicate this, until ‘Awaiting Results’ status is reached. Once results has been entered, the ‘Awaiting Results’ status will change to ‘Complete’

Stage Manager Other Statuses

Results and Adjudication

Once the competitors have completed performing, the status should now look like this and the results can be entered. However, results can be entered as soon as status moves from ‘Entered’ to ‘Registered’

Waiting for results

Results may be entered by registration, the timers or the office team who will have the right level of access. Once ready to enter the results of a section press the ‘Results’ link at the top right of the Section view.

Recording Results

On the Results screen, click on Edit to enter the scores and notes if required and the system will work out positioning (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.). Don’t forget to press ‘Save’ at the top of the screen.

Recording Results - Entering Results

Once complete, all statuses are updated to complete as well.

Results Entered

Copying for Facebook

To save time when sharing results, the Copy for Facebook button will copy the results to the clipboard in a format that is shareable on social media.

Facebook results


Please note, once you press ‘Copy to Facebook’, this copies contents to clipboard and requires that you go to Facebook page and press ‘Paste’

Results Report

You can print out the results of a section from the results page. While viewing a section press the results button.

Print Results - Step 1

Then press Print Results

Print Results

A PDF of the results will be available for download.


Timers are able to record the timing for each performance on the timing screen. Each section has a Timing button which will show you the times recorded for each entry.


Clicking edit will take you to the screen to fill out the times. The official time is mandatory, while the additional timers depend on each competition. Some will record each timer only if there is a discrepancy.



Timing will save in the background each minute to prevent information loss, as you could be on the screen for a while depending on the size of the section.

Timing and Results

There is also the ability for the timers to record the results. If this is enabled by the competition admin, you will see the timing boxes show on the results screen.