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Getting Started

When using myStage for competition day management, there are a number of different user types that might be used. These are setup by the competition, but could include:

  • Registration / Check-in
  • Stage Management
  • Chairperson
  • Timing
  • Adjudicators
  • Lighting / Sound Technicians
Role Tasks
Registration Confirm the competitor(s) are on site and all information is correct
Stage management Track the competitor:
- Side stage/dressing room - they ready to perform
- On Stage
- Awaiting Results - performance complete
- Complete - results have been recorded
Timing Record timing information, can also record results
Results Record scoring / results
Adjudicators Show current state of section/item, including titles of performances
Lighting Show lighting information to light + sound technicians
MC / Chair Show information to announce competitors

The instructions here will explain if certain tasks might only be available for certain users.

Login to myStage

To access myStage, follow this link:

On the home page click Sign in and enter your username and password.


Competition administrators will have a set of user accounts for each competition, speak to them for details.

If you are logged in during the competition days, you should be able to see the Sections for the current day. At any stage you can log out of myStage by clicking on the arrow at the top right and choosing log-out.


Setting the Event and Location

Each competition can be running multiple venues at the same time. When running the competition you will only want to see the information for the venue you are in.

To do this you can select the event and location in the top menu.

Current Location and Event


Even if there are not multiple venues running, setting the location and current event means when you view the competitors and sections they are automatically filtered to only those relevant to the event and location.


If you ever get lost, you can go back to the home page by clicking the Home button or the myStage logo.

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