Event Scheduling


Once the entries are closed, scheduling process should then start. Before you get scheduling happening, you need to:

i. Create time limit for your competition Time limit allows you to define minimum and maximum performance time for a competitor. Schedule duration time is how long to allow when scheduling the section between competitors, giving you an overall estimation duration that a section will run for.

  • Go to administration pages in myStage and click on Codesets scheduling

• Create the time limits in codesets. Have minimum and maximum times are the rule times. scheduling

• Map the time limits to items, age groups etc. Same as always, start broad, add more narrow restrictions where required. scheduling


ii. Edit schedule & Apply Time Limits

• Go to Admin/Events, and select “Update time limits” in the options menu. • OR – go to sections and set the time limits there.


  • To edit your competition schedule, from the administration screen, click on Events, select ‘Edit Schedule’ from the options drop down as show in the screenshot below. From the Same option list, you may apply the time limit before or after editing the schedule.

iii. Release schedule Once you are happy with how the schedule looks, you may choose to randomise competitors order, save your changes, then choose release schedule from the option list. The scheduled will get emailed out to all the entrants of the event.